Cautín, Chile - Polarsteps

The weather is finally getting hotter. In the morning, we don't even need to put our long-sleeve jerseys anymore. And in the afternoon, the sun is burning - just what we wished for when we were cycling through cold Patagonia! Copec gas stations are a life-saver on the Ruta 5: clean bathrooms, free drinking water, snacks, good coffee, shades. All we could ask for. Today we road about 120 km to the village of Gorbea. We asked at the police station for s place to sleep. We couldn't stay there, but one of the policemen called someone who then picked us up and escorted us to his house. We just went with it 😅 We were expecting a simple piece of pasture to pitch our tent, instead we got an entire bungalow for ourselves - kitchen and bathrooms included! Chilean people along the route 5 are incredible!!!
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