Collipulli, Chile - Polarsteps

Today was the longest ride of our Longest Ride so far. We rode 146 km from Gorbea to Collipulli with the finest tailwind!!! Even an almost deathly flat tire (longest nail) couldn't stop us. Gas station food kept us motivated! When we reached the first village to look for a place to sleep, we found out that we were riding through a political conflict zone (territory conflicts with indigenous Mapuche communities claiming land back). The police in Ercilla sent us away recommending us to carry on to the next town, Collipulli. It was quite difficult to find a place for the night there as well. But one of the fire stations helped us out and we could sleep in one of their rooms. They even helped us to get into the Christmas mood as they let Laura decorate their Christmas tree 😅
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