Cabrero, Chile - Polarsteps

Leaving Collipulli, we were quite motivated to get more kilometres into our legs. With a tailwind, we were pushed towards Los Angeles. On our way there, all of the sudden, a pickup stopped on the shoulder before us. Jaime, who provided us with a house a few days before, got out of his car and we were happy to see him. It already feels as if we have a small community along the Route 5! In Los Angeles, we stopped for a massive pizza and continued until we reached Cabrero after 120 km. As the firefighters weren't able to host us, we continued looking for a place to sleep and got to a little church. We - or rather Laura - started talking to people standing in front of it. Meanwhile, some random stranger tapped Antonia on the shoulder and handed her a bag of cherry without saying anything :D One of the people in front of the church, Paul, was a missionary from France who was in charge and offered us to pitch the tent in the backyard. His family ended up welcoming us into their kitchen and we spent a lovely evening sharing beer and stories in a mix of German, Spanish and French!
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