Talca, Chile - Polarsteps

Within a week, we had ridden over 700 km, so our legs were tired and we wanted to have an easy "rest day" ride... Despite Copec stops and some wine tasting, we ended up riding 80km somehow and decided to spend two nights in Talca to have a proper rest day. Diego confirmed our last minute request on Couchsurfing and provided us with an entire house for ourselves! On our rest day, we went shopping - as we desperately needed some shorts for the 34°C temperatures! First, we looked weird as we walked around the mall in cycling bib shorts. Then, we looked weird because of our funny tan lines, but we didn't care. Also, we went to see Avatar 2 - our early Christmas present to ourselves (best movie!!!). At night, we met up with Diego for some drinks and ended up going to a bar/club to see some of his friends. We were completely underdressed, but still had a good time 😅
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