Colina, Chile - Polarsteps

Leaving Santiago on Christmas Day and even a Sunday was a great decision. The roads where really empty with is a miracle for a city like Santiago. On top of that, our host Federico cycled with us for the first 30 km, so we could just follow him through the metropolitan jungle. Since we left after 5 p.m., we didn't get very far today. In a small village North of Santiago, we started looking for a place to sleep. A woman was standing in front of her property waving at us, wishing us the best for the route. We turned around asking for a safe spot nearby. She ended up inviting us to her family Christmas celebration and offered us a room in her house. At one point, we had three different drinks in front of us, including Mojitos. Her children went to buy food to prepare pizzas. The next morning, Lenor also shared breakfast with us. Easy as that, we "gained" another lovely Chilean family in El Colorado.
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