Distrito Uspallata, Argentina - Polarsteps

Today felt like a veeery long day! The day started with discovering a flat tire on Laura's bike caused by a little piece of wire. The first three hours of our ride were spent climbing up the famous pass "Los Libertadores" with 29 sharp curves and a few tunnels to get to the border. Views were gorgeous and the inclines manageable. The more we climbed, the thinner got the air. When we thought we had reached the border and the top of the pass, it turned out that the actual border to Argentina was a bit further, so we had to climb a bit more up to 3,200 meters of altitude! At the highest point, there was another tunnel where it was forbidden to cycle through. Instead, us and our bikes were loaded onto a pickup for 3 km. The following descent was nice, but we accidentally passed the immigration office to Argentina, so we had to cycle back uphill for 2 km. As it soon got dark, we stopped in a small village and asked a local for a place to sleep. Without saying much, he offered us his keys to an entire house that was empty for the night. What a nice way to welcome us back to Argentina 🇦🇷
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