Barreal, Argentina - Polarsteps

To make up for the lost time on the day before, we started early - around 8:00 - to tackle the gravel section that was waiting for us! Traumatized by what we had faced in Patagonia, we expected the worst dirt road, but the 35 km were somehow rideable. Still, we were happy to get back on tarmac. Although we were going downhill, we had to push as we had a headwind. Also, we saw guanacos which we hadn't seen for a while. Definitely felt a bit like the Patagonian pampa again. In the late afternoon, we arrived in Barreal - right during siesta time. The plan was to continue riding, but we needed to wait for the stores to reopen for getting cash and food. The longer we waited, the more it looked like thunderstorms again. Also, we couldn't get our cash until 10 p.m... Hence, we called it a day and stayed in Barreal where we ended up in an affordable, cozy hostel room.
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