Jáchal, Argentina - Polarsteps

The longest ride of our Longest Ride so far!!! Without having a fixed destination for New Year's Eve, we wanted to ride as long as we felt like it! We started with the climb we had to postpone the day before and were rewarded with a fun descent afterwards. After the first 80 km, we arrived at a small restaurant in the middle of nowhere. An actual oasis for us. We ordered a delicious meal for New Year's Eve, drank 2 liters of soda, and bought snacks for the rest of the day! The motivation was high and we carried on riding into the evening. With a fine tailwind for a change, we arrived in the village of Niquivil after 161 km in total. All we wanted was to eat and sleep and wake up the next year! A lovely family allowed us to pitch up our tent in front of their house under trees. They also shared glass of apple cider with us and put out some music just for us (same song for an hour haha) Let's say... It wasn't the best - if not the worst - overnight spot that we had had so far!
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