Cebollar, Argentina - Polarsteps

When we filled up our water bottles and started riding at 8 in the morning, it was already 30°C... We tried to cycle 70 km on long, straight, boring roads as quickly as possible to get to the next air conditioned gas station in La Rioja! We arrived around noon and had a sandwich. Two hours later we wanted to give it a go again and only made it 6 km to the next gas station. It wouldn't cool down until 6 in the evening, so we decided to rest, eat and work on our social media for a bit. In the evening, we cycled for two more hours and stopped in Cebollar. We got a room inside a police station. Unfortunately, there was no air conditioning and we had one of the worst nights as it was way too hot to sleep. Antonia even tried to cool off by laying down on the floor.
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