Villa El Portezuelo, Argentina - Polarsteps

The earliest start of our Longest Ride so far! After less than four hours of unrestful sleep, getting up at 5 was tough, but the sunrise and the low temperatures (~24°C) made up for it a little bit! The day went well. Before noon, we had managed to cycle 80 km and we were optimistic to get to the next city for siesta time quickly. Just 20 km before the gas station, something awful happened. We stopped on the gravel shoulder for a wee and didn't notice a nasty plant with thorns. Our tires had multiple thorns on all four wheels which destroyed our tubes completely 😭 With almost no shades around and 38°C, we asked an olive farmer for help. He let us fix the tires in his garage. It took us around an hour and we were exhausted when arriving in the city of Catamarca. Loads of food and rest helped a little bit and we could somehow motivate us to push 20 km further in the evening. On the way to our campsite, we met three cyclists who guided us for last 10 km and made sure we arrived well.
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