Bomberos Voluntarios, Argentina - Polarsteps

Another day in the heat! The first 40 km dragged because of a slight incline and headwind. Traffic was a bit more annoying than during the past days - no shoulder at first. After a small climb with a little help by a truck driver (hehe), the kilometers flew by quickly and we enjoyed riding. We had ice cream and pizza during the hot afternoon hours and managed to ride 130 km in total. The landscape really changed and the atmosphere as well: More agriculture, more people, loads of motorbikes. Fruits and veggies are a bit cheaper now, too! When we got to Aguilares, we were allowed to stay at the fire station. However, we were first sent to get an official paper from the police station to spend the night. It took almost an hour for us to get the legal paper... But eventually we made it, were able to set up our tents and cook. We even witnessed a (false) alarm. Sometimes, these kind of days are tiring, though. It can be exhausting after a long day on the bike to make conversation and explain our trip over and over again to the people we meet. Yet, we are thankful for the hospitality!
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