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Today will be a peaceful/remembrance day. First stop before is the Charging bull of the Financial District. Rubbing it’s balls are supposed to bring lucky 🍀 Do you believe in this kind of things? Next stop is lunch break 😋 I had heard about this bagel place and wanted to try it out. Zucker’s Bagels is delicious 🤤 they have many options and you can custom make your order! Avocado and egg bagel for me 😜(I was so hungry I hate half of it before snapping a pic😅) Having lived in the USA for couple of years, I feel I understand their feelings towards that fateful day. You all know which days I am talking about: 9/11. The memorials of 9/11 are huge and seing the names written there is overwhelmingly saddening. 😢You have no idea of the mass amount of names until you see it. When you learn about this event , it is just a number. But until you see it visually you cannot comprehend the number of lives lost. These memorials do not only commemorate the victimes of 9/11 but also the victims of the 1993 attacks on the world trade center. The memorials are free to see, however I really recommend visiting the museum as well (no photos or videos in the exhibitions). They are really worth seing. I spent nearly 3 hours in the museum. If you take your time to read and see all the exhibition it takes time 🙄 After such a heavy subject for the day, I head up to the Levain Bakery to pick up some of their renown cookies (they are to die for-especially the double chocolate one🤤)
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