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Starting the day in the southern point of Chelsea, Little Island. This used to be a ‘regular’ pier that was used for ships once the Hudson river trade flourished. It was severely damaged in the 2012 Sandy Hurricane. Barry Diller of the Diller-Von Furstenberg Family Foundation, in partnership with the Hudson River Park Trust, came up with a new design that would combine art and nature. For me they look like water lilies assembled together to form a garden. Many instruments are displayed in the park. In summer, I assume they welcome concerts in the amphitheater. Located just at the corner is the Chelsea market. Many restaurant options as well as shopping in unique shops. The High Line passes on top of the market, however to access it you need to walk at the corner of W 14th street and 10th avenue. A breath of fresh air not to walk alongside cars! Old train tracks can be seen throughout the journey that ends at the Vessel. Quick lunch break in a mall nearby then I head up to Times Square. I want to buy a ticket for a show and was told by a little bird that TKTS sells same day tickets from 3pm (11Am if there is a matinee) at very discounted prices! I manage to get front seat ticket on the 1st floor for just $66 – normal retail price is $159 ! What an amazing deal! Now try, just try to guess what play I have seen? While waiting for the play to start, I walk around the Times Squares area and Bryant park (and its ice rink) all the while visiting cloth shops in the between to warm up! I was so excited about the play that I arrived early to enter. Good thing that I did. Like all places, you have to show proof of vaccination (with ID). I could not imagine the surprise this play was. In between the actors, the flying brooms, demantors, the spells and the special effect, it was magical! As you can guess by the sentence above, I have seen the Harry Potter and the cursed child play and it was fantastic!
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