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“Today is the day I treat myself to a good restaurant” I said to myself. I come to the conclusion that I want asian food thus I head down to Chinatown. After a bit of research I choose a restaurant that is known for their dumplings (and I LOVE dumplings!) Well it was a flop. 🥺 the dumplings are not to my liking 😅 thick dough, small fillings and 1 dumplings is the size of my hand 🤚. See my surprise when a plate of 8 arrives when it is supposed to be a starter 😅 lets not talk about my main dish of sweet and sour chicken… the color alone should be an indicator😵‍💫 Not deterred from my meal, I continue my journey towards the financial district. Just before entering it, I make a drastic left turn to head to the pier 11- ferry departures for Governors Island ! I have convinced myself I will see the sunset over Manhattan. Sunset is in three hours, I am sure there is somewhere warm i could wait for it 😖 once again fail 😅 everything is closed and some parts of it feels like a ghost town 👻. The Island is really nice to visit and walk around. Weekend and summer time are busier as everything is open 😇 Around 5PM (sunset time) I head towards this tiny hill to catch the sunset. It is currently-4degree and the wind is picking up 💨 to say I was freezing is un understatement 🥶 ! Bad memories of the last ferry timing makes me rush to the pier(on the other side of the island of course) before the night has fallen on Manhattan for nothing 😅 Do you sometimes have days where this don’t go as planned? What are your tips for continuing your day on a good mood?
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