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THIS IS THE END FOR 2018 My dear ones, friends, followers and all those who have supported me so generously in the last months, There are some news that are not very nice. But there is a not walking times too and it was clear that it would / have to come, sooner or later Now both come together and for my taste that is far too early. But as always in life, if you get involved, if you let it happen, things come together so that it fits again. Therefore, I can already say: It is good and perfect and offers opportunities. So, what happened: 1. Yesterday I had a small accident with HWW1. I crashed when Tyrion was so startled by two dogs behind a fence with a hedge that he ran right into my feet. Then I fell. In the course of this, HWW1 came off the pavement with a wheel and lost its balance. I was due to the fall on the draw bar, which is now broken at the weak point of it. Thus, the ongoing is no longer possible and the repair takes a few days. Since cables are laid everywhere, much has to be taken apart. This is annoying, but at the same time offers the chance to think about changes. HWW1 is a prototype and many things have to prove itself during the daily practice. Therefore, changes have to be made. This will need time. 2. Also, last week, something has broken on my molars. That too was to be expected and now it happened earlier. This must also be urgently done. Getting old is really shit. 3. I did not have any real valuable property that I could sell. No house, no car, no nothing. And for the rest, which was really worthy, I did not get anything. That means: money is finite, little money is more finite. I still finance everything related to Trees of Memory project by myself and the donations I received at the roadside and the financial support from the association are not enough to cover all the costs, pay for health insurance and buy food, etc. The Trees of Memory association has many goals and whether we like it or not, everything costs money that has to be there first. That's why I have to earn money during the winter break. Money that I need not only for ToM, but that will make a few people happy at the tax office, because those don’t care what happened to you in life or what you do, even if it is good. Taxes are taxes. And they put you in jail if you don't pay. For these reasons, I am NOW going into the winter break. This is not an easy step because I would have loved to take the whole fall with me. There will still be a tree planting this year. Gaby's tree in Wesseling will be planted in November, as announced. Here in Berlin, I have a radio interview next week and (not quite sure yet) a few shots / interview. So I will try to use the time here in Berlin, my home, medial and to meet people. Who can remember my post: Winter is coming, together with a panorama of many vineyards? Yes, winter is coming and that's why this will be my winter location. I will be so rural and secluded in Gau-Algesheim as never before in my life I spend the winter evenings. I will also use this time in the sense of ToM. I also have one or two ideas that I can work out during this time. I'll let myself be surprised how it is, in the village. That's why I need a few more days in Berlin. From 2.11. I will work. The universe sent me during the days I thought so much about everything and how to solve the financial problems, a phone call from a former costumer. She was very happy when I said: Yeah ... I could give one or two courses again ... .. So I will work as a lecturer until the end of April. So, now I have to prepare my lessons. Now drive to the West, prepare lessons, repair and adapt HWW1, work out other ideas, make money, find sponsors and donors and survive the winter (scary) and then run with full energy into the next spring to plant the numerous trees, that are on my list. And maybe some new ones will be added by then. So please do not stop talking about ToM. In any case, I would like to say a big thank you to all the people who have supported me so great in the last months, here on the net and out on the street. Especially during the difficult moments, you always gave me a lot of courage. But you also proved to me every day how right the decision for ToM was. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanks also to all, with whom I was allowed to plant a tree. You are an incredible enrichment in my life and I thank you for your trust and the many emotional and close moments in which our "favorite human" through the tales and tears was allowed to be back with us again. Please do not forget the project, our association Trees of Memory and those who are in a mental crisis in your environment. You can actively help and encourage, and it costs nothing. The year is coming to an end soon and so the tax year too. So if you still have to save taxes, you are welcome to make a donation to our non-profit organization Trees of Memory e.V. You can deduct it from the tax. You will receive a donation receipt. It is worthwhile in a double sense. You can do with a good conscience something totally self-serving and help our association alike. Thus, the association can tackle new tasks and create helpful offers, such as our sponsorship, which can be requested from today, 1.10.2018 by survivors ( ). The club needs you. And I need you too, because I do not want you to miss anymore. And only you can tell me if I managed to create some hope with my walk and also if I could help those who lost someone to let her or him go. Thank you very much for everything. In this sense, until next year (of course I will not shut up here on FB) and walk with me or plant a tree. .... And if you are planning a hiking holiday or weekend next year, you are welcome to join us and see for yourself what this project will do to the people we meet, or if we plant a tree, or if you take a different perspective. .... And if you have suggestions for improvement, you are welcome to send them to me. I am eventually become a little blinded. Of course, praise is also welcome. 2019 WILL START AT THE 1st OF MAY
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