Görlitz , Germany - Polarsteps

Engl. Video https://youtu.be/UIxTe__3It0 Good to be back on the road. After two third of the road I met a woman who did some gardening in front of their house. She was curious, came out and read everything on my banner. "oha" was everything she said first. Than she told me that her father in law took his life. In the next sentence she asked me if I also lost someone. I said yes. She : do you believe in God? Me: not in the one the church is selling to us. She: oh, I wish you that you will find the living God and wish you all the best.... Dear Christians and all other religious people: before you talk about religion and judging people, offer them at least a glass of water and show Empathie... Be a loving person and live what your God is teaching and than you can judge... For God sakes....
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