Beijing, China - Polarsteps

Beijing for two days. First day consisted of a day trip to the Great wall of China. This was unbelievable, to think that this wall was man-made without the help of machines... Day two started with a visit to Tiananmen square and the Forbidden city, followed by Jingshang park where you have a view over the city (besides the smog in the air) The afternoon was spent at the summer palace, this park was too large for us to visit so we did a smaller part of it. In the evening we went with our friend Benjamin from the hostel for the famous Beijing Duck, after a wait of almost 3 hours for a table we could go eat! The flavour of the duck was incredible, definetly a must try when visiting Beijing After dinner de went back to visit Tiananmen square, but now at night, which was beautiful. I enjoyed it even more at night with the lights and the small amount of people there!
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