Prague, Czechia - Polarsteps

Got off the train to Prague late late late, walking to the hostel we got blared with a terrifying warning ⚠️🚨⚠️ from a nearby Sköda factory? Telling everyone to leave the building in Czech (scary) and in English (less scary) Had a good sleep though. The following morning we leave to explore a little of the old town and play some chess underneath one of Europe's oldest archways. I spend my afternoon working away, and Ellis and I meet for our inaugural fancy dinner date. We order nearly everything on the menu, Ellis absolutely destroys the toilet with his sick. To be fair to him, it wasn't just the food. I was two hours late to dinner so he ended up "chilling out" in a bar until that time. So fair play to him, I'm not sure anyone's stomach could withstand that load. Part of the reason I was late was that I accidentally changed my padlock code, and ended up "securing" all my shit in my locker. After struggling with another chicken-armed although very lovely Irishman, and some uncooperative bolt cutters, we eventually yielded control of the situation to a lovely Czech man called Iwan. He came strapped with his Dremel and resolved the situation. After we had finished our meal, we tipped generously and continued a wander around the city. Prague is a fairytale town, even the more concrete and industrial sections have a wonderful character. Good night 10/10. The following day, we spent the morning hiking to Prague castle, pictured (at night silhouetted, by day in panorama). 1 million steps - that's how you build ass. We had to haul ass out of the castle and surrounding area to make our (8 hour) train to Budapest! This was a sparkling journey. Time to work, time to read, time to play a few games of chess. I could spend a lifetime on these trains. In fact, we've met some people on the way who do!
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