Budapest, Hungary - Polarsteps

This is me when I’m applying for my Visa to Saudi Arabia! Arrived in Budapest, per usual after a 10,000 hour train from Prague. Nothing in particular occurred on this train. I fucking love spending all day on the train. It’s like a lazy man’s productive dream, because you don’t do shit, and 10 hours later you’re in a new place, with a new culture and a whole new language. Fun language side fact, I learned the the reason Czech and Hungarian are so different from each other is because the Hungarian language is from the same family as Finnish! All about the Viking pathways my killers. Czech however belongs to the Romance group, I believe, don’t fact check me. 9 hours, felt like it passed in the blink of an eye. I suppose time flys when you get repeatedly battered at chess every possible number of ways. First night in Budapest we checked into the Flow Hostel. The cheapest in the city. However, I have to say, it was really really nice. It was as if someone had thought what if we turn WeWork into a hostel. Besides the (presumably) homeless man absolutely hacking his lungs out all night and muttering in tongues, and the band of rowdy Frenchmen who ignored the clear “Not a party hostel” signage, it was very very chilled out. Nice private cubicles and lockers. It’s the little luxuries right? Per the first picture, this is where I made good use of the whitewashed walls to apply for my Saudi Visa. Big wedding coming up, big weekend ahead and couldn’t be more excited/bricking it. Hope I come back in tact, I would say and not on any registers but surely visiting Saudi puts you on at least one? Otherwise why would the visa be so expensive?
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