Jawa Barat, Indonesia - Polarsteps

Today we went to tankuban perahu and we went to the Umas Crater and took some pictures and went through the jungle to the Domas crater. The Jungle was impressive and it was nice to see all the nature and because of the sulfur there were no mosquitos. The walk to the Domas crater was 35 minutes walk. When we arrived there we bought some eggs and boiled them on some of the hot springs. We climbed around and took some pictures of all the sulfur crystal formations. We then got ate our egg at the warong. From there we walked back through the jungle. We then drove to Chi Mai and there we went to the restaurant there we had some Sundanees food which was spicy but very nice. Nasi Timbel. The restaurant had very cool huts built in the mountains. There you could call your waiter by hitting the bamboo bell. Then we drove to the Ereveld Leuwigajah. There we walked around. It was interesting seeing the influence the Dutch still have there. The military buildings are still from colonial times. Then we drove back. The first day it took some time to get used to the chaos of the streets. Everywhere there are scooters that drive around and they are very hectic. It was a fun day with a lot of new things to see.
  1. Our Indonesian roots
  2. Jawa Barat