Jawa Barat, Indonesia - Polarsteps

Today was an other special day following into the footsteps of my father. We went to his high school HBS. We where let inside and walked around. At a certain moment we met with some teachers with whom I shared the story that my father used to go to school here and that now the 3rd generation was also visting. The people where very friendly we even met with the school inspectors. What we had not counted on, especially Raoul is that both the teachers as well as students where keen to have there photo taken with us. To be fair mainly Raoul. We toured the area and visited an other school, here the girls where really interested in having a picture with Raoul. Raoul told me he started to understand what a celebrity was experiencing. The photos show it all. We then went to Braga Street which has stayed the same since the 20-30's. We had lunch at Savoy Homan Hotel which I did as well with my dad. It unfortunately has lost is status and seams very dated. I would not recommend not to stay there. We walked on to the Merdeka building ,which is near Braga street. Here also girls asked to have a picture with Raoul. I think he started to get some what used to this attention. However still found it some what embarrassing .We then went to the Gunang Sate , the Tech University the same as it was when my dad lived here. Take a look at the top of the buiding then you appreciate the name. We finished the day at a modern mall. Back to the Hotel for swim. We say goodbye to Bandung and are on to Yogyakarta tomorrow by train. It was a great visit with memories and new once made.
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