Jawa Barat, Indonesia - Polarsteps

Today we went to the old school of my grand father. It really reminded me of my old primary school Amalia Astro because of its building style and architecture. We went inside and looked around and saw some students, teachers and classrooms. Then we walked around the centrum of Bandung and saw multiple schools all still in the typical 1930s Dutch style. Then we went to the Braga street where we looked around and you can see why it is called the Paris of Indonesia. The shops often use things such as the Eiffel Tower for advertisement. Then we went and ate at the hotel that my father knew from when he went with his dad. Then we went to the sate building . We then went to the mall which was obviously very inspired by the United States. You could barely see the difference. A lot of brands also had their own shop there. One final funny story I saw two student run away from school and the guard going after them. There where clearly skipping school.
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  2. Jawa Barat