Bali, Indonesia - Polarsteps

We arrived in our Hotel in Ubud. What a difference from 30 years ago. I am wondering how much it is different from a Kuta or Sanur ? We walked around in the evening and I could instantly appreciate the comment from my cousin Julliete about Ubud " Taxi....". Thanks for preparing us Julliete. What I was not prepared for was the Starbucks and Dairy Queen in the Main Street ! To ad to that we bought some snacks at a Circle K. The U.S. businesses are doing well here. To finish we bought a belt for Raoul at Hurley ! When I stayed here before we had a Hotel on the outside of the town. There was no running water and in the morning fresh water was brought to us by girls carrying this on there heads from a well nearby. This was then pored into a basin which ended inside the bathroom. This allowed us to "mandi" every morning. Basically getting a small bucket and poor it over you. Some what different from the shower in our Hotel today. However our Hotel and the scenery are fantastic. The people are so friendly. I am sure we will enjoy today's comforts. After dinner Raoul wished to end the day by playing several games of chess. Funny I used to the same with my Dad.
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