Bali, Indonesia - Polarsteps

Our guide First brought us to the rice fields and there we walked around. We got a guide and climbed up the rice sawas. It was shocking to see how commercial these people were. They asked for "donations" to walk over their paths. They weren't really donations because they were mandatory. From there we went to a volcano with a beutiful lake and on the way there we saw multiple police checkpoints. At these checkpoints the police asked all the tourists and drivers for 10000 rupiah (€0,68) this was a sign of their corruption. The driver was stopped but quickly waved past. We weren't sure why so we asked and he told us that he had a sergeant major badge hanging to his rear view mirror. He got the badge from his brother who is a soldier. The police think that he is a soldier and had served his country and wave him past. We came to a outlook spot for the volcano mount Batu and there we looked at the beautifull lake and we were pretty much swarmed by vendors selling bracelets and souvenirs. Then we drove down to the lake and looked at the fishers before going back to the hotel. In the afternoon we went for a bike ride and ended at Monkey Forrest. We then had a swim in the hotel pool. We went out for dinner for only € 15,- . At the hotel we played a few games of chess.
  1. Our Indonesian roots
  2. Bali