Navarrete, Spain - Polarsteps

Passed through Logroño, which is one of the major cities along the way and the capital of the La Rioja region. Outside the city a granddaughter carries on her grandmothers tradition, providing pilgrims with supplies and stamps on their way into Logroño. The city has some neat stuff, but the coolest thing imo was this big game of Shoots and Ladders (its a different game witha different name, but same concept) outside the cathedral. It's based off the camino de santiago and uses things from the camino as its game board. Also I went searching for murals because I read my guide wrong. It said to see the murallas which I quickly mistook to mean murals, but is actually closer to "walls". There's a nice park on the outside of the city that reminds me a lot of Creve Couer Lake. There were families playing, ppl fishing and all kinds of things. A gentleman asked if I was on the camino and then we got chatting a bit in Spanish (he helped me through the conversation a lot) but he said he was impressed to hear such good Spanish from someone from the states.
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Navarrete