Orbaneja Riopico, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at Albergue de Peregrino. Another wet and cold day. Was much better than other wet and cold days though because it was through a forest. Said forest was real ominous in the morning as the light fought to push through the dense cluster of trees. About halfway to San Juan de Ortega was a little stand with some decorations and the guy and his wife were running it from his car. Very nice pick me up for halfway to the next city. Saw some bulls/cows and some horses which was neat. At Atapuerca they have a small archeological museum. They have a dig site 12 km down the road where one of the oldest hominids was discovered. Very cool. Then it was uphill on a bunch if rocks and it opened at the top to a really vast just plain of nothing really...it was very different and threw me off. Saw some hay that reminded me of where Martin Sheens character ran into Jack the writer in the movie "The Way"
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Orbaneja Riopico