Burgos, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at Albergue de peregrinos Emaus parroquia San José Obrero and then at a hotel with a bath tub in it which was the important part I've found that I am very partial to the albergues run by religious or other associations as opposed to the private/municipal albergues. We had mass at the parish church and then dinner. Mass in Spanish and you bet your bottom I remember the Our Father in Spanish (Gracias Sra. Bowman). Burgos has a La Liga 2 team and I found their stadium...not as grand as Parc de Princes in Paris but home is home. I didn't do any tours cuz I didn't feel like walking and listening to ppl talk a bunch but I saw the cathedral and remnants of an old castle. I met an older couple from the states who shared a sentiment that I've found as well. These larger cities seem to be more and more welcoming/accommodating for pilgrims as we get closer to Santiago. Very cool views of the city...saw kids playing at recess and you would have sworn it was a professional match the way the kids were crowded up and yelling and chanting. Lots of fútbol and baloncesto (basketball) here. Picked up toe socks and floss which were very important grabs.
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Burgos