Itero De La Vega, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at Albergue La Mochila This area of Spain is the inspiration for the famed Don Quixote because of the vast plains with many windmills. Modern windmills are now much more plentiful and provide sustainable energy. BUT! I am now in my windmill fighting era so I'm hoping to get close enough to punch one cuz I got dragons to slay. There were lots of red flowers that were very pretty. At a point the path crosses directly through an old monastery which is now an albergue. The path goes up a tall mountain and then right back down. One thing that has been really neat is to see how all these towns kind of hide in nooks.amd crannies and then all of a sudden just appear out of nowhere. Thank you for all the words of support and excitement. Though I don't respond, I see them and appreciate them!
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Itero De La Vega