Villarmentero De Campos, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at Albergue Alamancer By far one of the wackier albergues I've stayed in. It was like a farm/bar/albergue in one so they had livestock and such roaming around. The owners Paulina and Michael used to own the albergue across from the one I stayed at in Lorca and Paulina made sure I knew her friends at Albergue de Lorca The path went alongside the Canal de Castilla which was a welcomed change of scenery. I've yet to find an answer for it but there seems to be some camino political struggle between the Castilla and the Leon factions because ppl keep blotching out either the Castilla or Leon on the Junta Castilla y Leon signs.
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Villarmentero De Campos