Astorga, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at Albergue MyWay This walk was long but it wasn't too bad. Sun was out and at one point there was a guy with what he called a pilgrim oasis...very cool. The most interesting thing happened. I saw this giant arrow of stones pointing up a small incline to the motorway and as I started walking up past the arrow I started looking around and all I could thing was "this smells like the farm". Maybe it was the mixture of moss dead grass and slight motor oil but it was exactly like being at the farm. And then I was walking and happened on a rock that said hi Norma and I thought of Nanny so it was a nice day. Through Puente Orbigo there's a big bridge that a knight and his buds fought off over a hundred other knights and so.every year they celebrate it with activities like a joust...I missed the festival by like 2 week 😢 In Astorga I went to the chocolate museum. Astorga is the crown of chocolate in Spain. When cocao came over from the Americas in the 1500s Astorgs started making chocolate and it was the largest producer up until the 1900s. I got some chocolate and mantocada (butter biscuits) both of which Astorga are known for and both of which are very tasty. This was the most activity I've done on a non rest day after walking as I was highly motivated to get to the chocolate museum.
  1. Pilgrimage on El Camino de Santiago
  2. Astorga