Pedrafita Do Cebreiro, Spain - Polarsteps

Stayed at the Galician Municipal Albergue That suckers got over a hundred beds! The trek today was a big ascent and opened up to the region of Galicia. I've heard that the Pyrenees area prepares the body, the Maseta prepares the mind, and Galicia prepares the spirit for your arrival in St. James. The scenery is supposed to be very green and naturey from here forward. Had breky and then saw some horses. Got up part of the mountain and stopped for a lunch w a view. And then reached Galicia. There's a huge mountain view right at the bottom of the albergue which is very cool. A special shout out to Jack for recommending this town to stop at. Had a great pilgrim atmosphere about it with local shops, history, and entertainment. Highlight of course being a concert in the church which also houses relics of a miracle from the 15th century where the host and wine took the look of flesh and blood. Concert was some flute and gregorian chant. They also have a memorial to Dr. Elias Valiña who is one of the major backers of the modern pilgrim movement: the inventor of the yellow arrow. The church has a pilgrims prayer right next to an alter set up for Dr. VALIÑA and it really stood out to me. Give it a read if you have the time, I think it says a lot about all we do in our lives.
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  2. Pedrafita Do Cebreiro