Cartagena, Colombia - Polarsteps

I landed at the airport of Cartagena. From the airport I went to my hotel in the Centre of Cartagena, in the neighbourhood Manga. It was called the Bike Dive hostel. I had booked for 2 nights, and it costed me €28. The hotel had everything I needed, I settled in and went to the city at around 3PM. I went to Plaza Fuerte el Pastelillo, an old fort, with especially a beautiful sight. Because I had eaten no lunch, I decided to go and eat some food there. The fish in the restaurant was delicious, really good and for drinks I had some Coca Cola. It was 5PM when I left the place and I decided to just walk around a bit. I walked through the Pastilello park and had some nice views of the Plaza Fuerte el Pastelillo, and from the port. Then I walked into a street, and in the street was a soccer field named something like Cancha Sintética Jogo Bonito, and I watched some teenagers play football with such passion for football, I really loved it. Because I loved it so much, it was already 7PM. I wasn't so hungry yet, so I decided to walk around some more. After a small walk, I came across a cemetery. The cemetery was pretty big, but it had so many more people buried than if in the Netherlands a graveyard would be that big. It was very impressive because there were so many locals just walking over/ sitting on the buried people's graves, which is normal over there. I decided to eat something after visiting the cemetery. I was not that hungry, and I really needed some food I am used to. I had already seen a Subway, so I ordered my food and sat down. Then when I was done eating, I walked home. Luckily it was only a 2 minute walk, because I was really tired. At home I just went swimming in the pool of the hostel. It was a small pool, but it was just for some relaxing. Then I went to my room, I showered and went to bed around 10PM. The next morning my alarm was set on 7:30AM, so that I had the whole day to be in the city. I went to the lobby to eat breakfast. They had breakfasts from cultures of all around the world. I decided to have typical Colombian breakfast called Huevos Pericos (Scrambled Eggs with Tomato and Onion). I also had Coffee made from coffee bean fields in Colombia. I was ready to leave at 8:30AM. I was really interested in how a mall would look like, so I took a taxi to a mall called 'mall plaza'. The mall looked exactly like how a mall in for instance Italy and Spain look like, but that was also because it was a pretty luxury mall. I went in some stores and bought some new pair of sneakers, also because the sneakers I used yesterday, didn't walk really comfortable. From the mall it was only a small walk to a monument called La India Catalina. After the monument I went for a walk in the La India Catalina parque and since it was 12AM and I was hungry I decided to go to a local restaurant. After lunch I took a taxi to La Bocana, a good place for beautiful pictures, and after that I walked around in the surrounding neighbourhood. There was a beach named BUENA VIDA BEACH, and this is a place were there are a lot of partys at night. But now in the afternoon you only saw people chilling on the beach and swimming in the sea a bit. I decided to just sit there for half an hour just in silence. It was pretty relaxing, but I couldn't relax for too long, because this was the last day in Cartagena and I wanted to see some things. But as I walked away I saw a kitesurf school, and I was interested. I was lucky, because there was one place left in the next kitesurf school training for beginners. I waited for another half an hour, had a drink and a gingerbread which I had took with me from home. After waiting, I started with the lesson. It went pretty well, and after an hour I learned some basics, and then I had half an hour just kitesurfing free without a lesson. I was pretty tired after the kiting so I decided to go to my hotel, just chill a bit, and then when I was hungry again I went for dinner, in the restaurant of the hotel. Then in the evening I wanted to see one more thing, I had seen a beautiful church on an online website which was in the same neighbourhood as I was. It is called the Church Santa Cruz de Manga. It was a beautiful church, but as far as I have pretty much the same as other churches. Then I went back at 8PM, and went to the pool, took a shower and went to bed, because the next day I had a flight to Medellín at 7AM.
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