Medellín, Colombia - Polarsteps

After arriving at the airport, I went to my hotel in the centre of Medellín. At the airport I already felt that it is much more crowded, since there were so many more people and I felt much less safe than in Cartagena. It is also even hotter in Medellín because we were in the middle of the country and there was no wind as there was at Cartagena. The hotelroom was from the same quality as in Cartagena, but almost twice as expensive. The owners of the hotel were a bit weird in how they acted, but they were very kind. They strongly advised to never go out the centre because of the slums just out of the city. I only had some weird, distasteful breakfast in the airplane, and decided to eat some breakfast at a restaurant very close to the hotel. After breakfast I just walked around a bit, and I felt unsafe in a lot of parts in the city, but I wanted to make the best out of the trip, and thus overcame all the fears I had. After just walking around another hour, I felt safer and safer, but still I didn't dare to really go out of the big plaza's and well known, verified safe buildings. But I had to do stuff, because this was an in between day, because I will already leave tomorrow morning. When I decided to just go walk around, I went to Parque pies Descalzos, a beautiful place. After hanging out a bit at the park, I went to another park called Plaza Cisneros, another beautiful park. It actually felt safer in these parks, because everyone was humble to each other here. And actually I felt so safe that I wanted to know how it goes in the less prosperous areas, but I did not want to go to a slum. So I went to a coffeeshop, and this is where you could just see that not everything is equally well maintained yet in Colombia and Medellín. It was already dinner time when I left the coffeeshop for the big city centre again, and I sat down in a Colombian snackbar nearby parque Barrio and ate Buñelos. Then I went to my hotel, showered, relaxed for a few hours and went to bed, to get on time for my flight to Paramillo National Park.
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