Puerto Libertador, Colombia - Polarsteps

After arriving at the airport, which was just outside of the Paramillo park, and it was by the way named Antonio Roldán Betancourt Airport, I took a bus to my hotel, which was at the edge of the park. When I was ready to leave I decided to go in a bus who was just driving through the park. The schedule you followed was pretty established, because you couldn't just walk in the park alone. The busses also only drove through the park at fixed times, so the animals always felt comfortable, and the tour guides always had to look to see if you could walk somewhere, to be sure you do never wake an animal. Once on the bus I spotted some really nice animals, but I did not take any pictures, I was gonna do that when I was walking around with tour guides. When I got back from the bus, I decided to have lunch in the restaurant. After the lunch I had a small relax session before I was going to walk around in the park with the tour guide. At 3PM the adventure started. I had some beautiful pictures, but after 3 hours of walking through the park, I was very tired. I had diner after I took a shower and had relaxed for a bit, and afterwards I went to bed. The next day I had muscle strain everywhere. I had breakfast and made myself ready to go. Today I was going to hike. I went to the place where we would gather, and I was very excited. After a long day of hiking I was completely exhausted, went for dinner, took a shower and went to bed at 8PM. The next day I would fly from here to Panama-City, so I also went to bed early because my flight was at 9AM. All the photos you see are a collection of my best photos, shot with a cannon camera.
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