Panama, Panama - Polarsteps

When I arrived at the airport of Panama-City, my hosts picked me up and brought me to my B&b. On the way they told me the best restaurants and spots to go to. At first I went to a church. It was not the thing I wanted to see the most, but I did it out of respect to my hosts. It was not a really special church from the outside, but I liked it a lot from the inside. Then I went to the University of Panama, which was not that special, but it looked alright for a University in Panama. There was also a multi-field, almost in the centre of the city. It had a football field, an athletics runcourse and a basketball field next to it. Then I wanted to go to a market in the centre of Panama-City. On the way I saw some really nice graffiti arts. I selected my favourite 2 and made a photo of it. When I was halfway to going to the market, it started to rain really badly, so I decided to go back to my B&b with a taxi. At home I had dinner with my hosts. When I went to my room I took a shower, and relaxed for some time, and then I went to bed. The next morning I ate breakfast, and went to the market. I walked to the market, which was a pretty long walk. It was still raining, but I did not want to spend my time inside. At the market they only had things such as bracelets and pillows and stuff, while I wanted to see market food. In another market, a few minutes away, there was food. They have a LOT of fish in the markets. Everywhere they sell fish in the market. So I decided to have luch here, and bought some fish. The fish was pretty tasty, and I enjoyed it a lot. After walking some time in the market, I decided to go to a park. It was called Parque Recreativo Omar Torrijos, if I am not mistaking. It was a nice park, and I could relax here for a bit, not feeling anything I have to do. Then I walked around in the streets again, and saw a supermarket. I was keen to see how a supermarket would look like in here, so I went in the supermarket. After going to the supermarket, I walked home via the coast. I had some nice views, and completely forgot to take pictures. :( At home I had dinner again with my hosts, and packed my stuff, so I could leave without any stress tomorrow morning.
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