Los Naranjos, Panama - Polarsteps

(These actually are 2 steps, the park in Panama and the park in Costa Rica) After arriving at the airport near the park called Parque internacional La Amistad, I went to the place I had to go. This park is located in Panama and Costa Rica. I hired a camper to tour from Panama and then drive the camper to the rental place in Costa Rica. In the camper I had everything I needed, and the food I had already bought in the supermarket in Panama-City. Just touring around in a park for yourself is much more relaxing and enjoyable than with a tour guide. Ofcourse you cannot drive to every place, but then I could just put it at a parking lot and walk to it. I had some really nice times and not really special stories since I was completely alone in the car, so I just show a collection of the best pictures I made.
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