San José, Costa Rica - Polarsteps

After being JUST on time for my flight, I arrived in San José. I had some really relaxing time for myself, with no one around me, and I now had every hour of sleep I missed before, catched up. In San José it was crowded, as I was used to on this trip. I would only be here for one day, so I had to spend my time very wisely. I really wanted to go to Volcán Irazu, a volcano 1h 30m driving from San José. It was absolutely stunning there, so beautiful😍. The photos you see are from the volcano and the surrounding national park. I had some lunch afterwards at a restaurant near the volcano. When I was back in San José, I went to see my hotel room, which I couldn't go in before 4PM. Then I went to a museum called Museo Nacional de Costa Rica, in I found literally almost everything from Costa Rica in. From archeological research they had done in the history of the country to their military actions. Unfortunately I was not allowed to make any photos inside. I had dinner in a McDonalds, since I really needed something I was used to eat and went to my hotel. After I relaxed for a bit in my hotelroom I went to bed.
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