Chira, Costa Rica - Polarsteps

I arrived at Isla de Chira at 10:3AM, and directly from moment 1 felt SUUUPEER comfortable. The people were lovely, and my hosts were absolute heroes. My home for the next days was a local tribe were they heavily practised their Christian religion, but at the same time kill all types of animals for their skin, and meat. I didn'really visited places, but I did see all type of things I did not see on this trip yet. I went fishing in the water with a fishing boat, and we got more than 25(!) fish, while we only had some fishing rods made from wood with some wire on it and some bait for the fishes. I had to follow their tradition, so I went hunting and we killed some animals such as a few zebras, and even a big catch, a rhoneceros. Maybe not really surprising, I didn't really took pictures, to not ashame their culture, and they were also not really open to that, which I completely understand. Another not surprising thing is that only men did the hunting and fishing, and wimen cleaned the households. Here you can really see that there has not been a lot emancipation going on here. The food was pretty alright in this place, but also weird. Their eating habits were so different than that we are used to. They eat like they never even heard of plate and cutlery, which they probably didn't. My sleeping place was also alright. Only the showers were horrible. You had to wash yourself in the water, were the animals and fishes also do everything in, plus they dump all their waste in it. But I was prepared, because I knew this was the case. I brought about 50 canisters of deodorant for the inhabitants, so they could taste how people from outside their world normally smells. I bought these in Panama, where I knew they'd be cheap, and I managed to smuggle them with me in the plane, because they didn't really check properly at the airport. After 4 days of breathing, feeling, tasting and experiencing their lives, I left the island to go to the capital of Nicaragua, Manaagua
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