Managua, Nicaragua - Polarsteps

In Managua I am not planning to really visit the city, but more the surrounding area. The lake Xolòtlan and the park Chiltepe Peninsula Natural Reserve are the things I want to visit. I had sight on the lake from my hotelroom, which I truly loved, and in the distance I could see glimps of the natural park. When I left my hotelroom I first did wanna see something from Managua, so I went to a church with the name Santiago of Managua Cathedral, which looked beautiul from the outside. When I want to the natural park, it was a small ride. On the way I had some nice views from the lake, and I just decided to relax in the taxi, with a view of the lake, and actually fell asleep in the taxi till I arrived at the destination. it was really weird, because while there was a big lake next to the park, they had 2 small lakes in the park. I went to one of them called Apoyque, and it looked a bit similar to the volcano in Costa Rica, but then smaller and not a volcano. Then afterwards I went to lake Xolòtlan, and I decided to go swim in it. I had taken my swim trunk, and went chilling in the lake while enjoying the sight. As I went to Managua again, I had already planned what I was going to do tomorrow. I had seen a boat hiring spot at the place I was swimming, so I want to hire a boat tomorrow, but first I am going to have dinner. After dinner I chilled for a bit, and now I am going to sleep. Today I am going to hire a boat, and I write this before I am going to do this, because I am actually super excited. I had taken a taxi to the place I was yesterday again, and hired a boat. In the boat it was quite and restful. I had some beautiful sights, In the pictures you see one picture with men and two boats. The boat you see in the back was mine. It was already dinner time when I came off the boat. I had dinner at the boat hiring spot place, and then took the taxi to Managua. I am going to bed early, because my flight tomorrow is at 5AM.
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