Managua, Nicaragua - Polarsteps

I was in Managua not for Managua, but for the surrounding area. In my hotelroom in Managua, I had some beautiful sight of the lake Xolòtlan. In the distance I could see a natural park called Chiltepe Peninsula Natural Reserve. I wanted to see something in Managua, so I went to a church. The church was gorgeous from the outside, and also good looking from the inside. Then I took a taxi to the natural park. In the natural park, there were 2 lakes, while there was a big lake just next to the park. I went to one of the small lakes in the park, called Apoyeque. It was a pretty lake, but also kinda small, compared to Xolòtlan. After visiting the natural park, I went to the Xolòtlan lake to swim. At the place I swam were also boats, so I know what I will do tomorrow. After swimming, I went to the hotel, and had dinner. I took a shower and went to bed early. The next morning I went to the boat hiring spot after breakfast. When I hired the boat, I had to wait a couple of minutes so the people working could get the boat ready. In the picture you see of the 2 boats, I had the boat behind the 1st boat you see. On the lake it was very quite, and I really got a moment of rest for myself here. I also enjoyed the beautiful sights. While being on the boat, I completely forgot the time, and I brought it back much too late, and I had caused a lot of chaos for the people, because they thought something happened with me. The people had done so much work for me, that I felt that I had to give some tip. Once from the boat, it was already dinner time. I had dinner in a restaurant with sight on the lake, and then went back to my hotel room. I am going to shower now, and then I am heading to bed, because I have a flight tomorrow at 5AM to Tegucigalpa.
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