Tegucigalpa, Honduras - Polarsteps

When I arrived at the airport, it was still silent, because it was pretty early. luckily I could walk to my hotel. It was a 45 minute walk, but I had time enough, because the hotel I booked was not open yet for breakfast and also not for inchecking. When I arrived I had to wait for 15 minutes till I could go in my room. I dumped my stuff and went for breakfast. Now after breakfast, I am going to the city centre, to a market. In the market it is, although the early time of day, very crowded. When I was in the market, I got why. It was a food market, so everyone bought there fresh food here. After visiting the market, I walked through the streets for a long time, seeing actually nothing I was really interested in. Till I saw a park, which I, during my trip, slowly started to love. It had some nice views, a in my opinion for some reason weird playground and a monument. I decided to have lunch in the park, and walked further. After another long time seeing nothing, I decided to only stay in this city for only today. There were absolutely some nice things to visit in this place, but I had seen everything already in other countries their cities. The last thing I visited was a football stadium, something I will never can get enough from. It was an old stadium, with actually a match going on. I bought a ticked and watched the game. The home team lost with 1-3, and I had actually seen a game in South America 😆🤯. I went to my hotelrestaurant, and had some typical food from Honduras called Pupusa.
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