Helsinki, Finland - Polarsteps

Langs de oevers van de Oostzee... We have an early departure and thanks to a long week and a fun weekend we arrive in Helsinki in a blink of an eye (slept through the whole flight!) At the trainstation we rent bikes for 24 hours (first, from the wrong Finnish district.. we blame the Finnish NS, why develop different apps for the same service in different cities 🤬). After check-in (and a powernap of 30 mn) we go to the port an eat some local cuisine (looks like fried ansjofish?) And go on a island cruise towards Suomenlinna (Fortress of finland). We walk around to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the island and some sleeping in the grass 😊. At 21.00 we call it an early night - this holiday came at the right time!
  1. Baltic states with a little Finland on the side
  2. Helsinki