Lääne-Viru County, Estonia - Polarsteps

Another "check" on our bucket list ... Today we leave the Western city Talinn (if you think that the Baltics are cheap and USSR experience, think again!) to see the real Estionia. We are here te experience the beautiful nature this country has to give. First stop: a waterfall, almost as impressive as the Vicfalls 😊 Stop 2; Viru Bog Nature Trail, we don't have time to do the full trail (something with trying to visit 4 countries in 8 days 🙄) but the 45mn hike we make already gives a good impression. Stop 3 is at the beach, slowly the former USSR shows off wirh some desolate buildings and old roads. However, this still feels like driving through Denmark or even sometimes Twente with all the forest. Stop 4; real Estonian food at Antja, a sleepy fishermansvillage with 21 permanent residents, the potatoes and braadstuk taste like grandma's food The last stop of the day; bear watching... if we can actually see them is a 70% chance. Perhaps, we are lucky..
  1. Baltic states with a little Finland on the side
  2. Lääne-Viru County