Lääne-Viru County, Estonia - Polarsteps

*ik zag twee beren* 17.00 sharp we follow Andres and 4 Germans into the woods.. We are going to spot some bears tonight. Andres has good faith as yesterday they saw bears at 5 occasions, but it's the wild life so we never know for sure. There are two observation huts and we are nice enough to let the Germans bunk together.. We have our own private hut - yes incl bunkbed and eco toilet and excl water and electricity! The first two hours we are super sharp with Hubert at the front and me at the back. We see limitless amount of birds, and I have my ereader so we enjoy our time. Just as we swap places (Hubert doesn't trust me at the back) the first bear appears! Looks like a younger bear and stays in sight for 10 mn. Whaaa so cool! Unfortunately our camera battery is low so not a lot of pictures. The coming two hours the bears keep coming. The finale is two bears, a dark and a light that come together. They stay for around 40 mn - at some point even the raccoon dogs are running around- and end their show with some mating.. we go to bed with a big smile (and a little bit giggly, how often do you see big wild animals mating 😂)
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