Cēsis, Latvia - Polarsteps

Het regent..... ook een beetje zonnestralen A roadtrip through Estonia and Latvia 😁, we drink coffee at a hipsterplace in Tartu, the Groningen of Estonia. Slowly we enter into country #3 of this trip - Latvia! Hubert booked us a very nice cottage in Cecis and there we BBQ and drink local beers and wine. We wake up with a small hangover and rain 😥. Our idea was to hike, but in this weather it's better to do like the elderly and we visit a beautiful castle and take a detour back to Cecis. We do a small tasting in the local brewery, but the beer is not our taste (which must say something, we're not too picky when it comes to alcohol 😂). We call it an early night.
  1. Baltic states with a little Finland on the side
  2. Cēsis