Dushanbe, Tajikistan - Polarsteps

Exhausted after a long day of traveling we eat a perfect dinner at a Lebanon restaurant (Al Sham).. We traveled in a shared taxi through the hilly part of Uzbekistan, close to the border with Afghanistan. The view are sometimes absolutely amazing but also sometimes slightly boring. After 7 hours in the car without stopping we arrive at the border. 1.5 hours later we are at Tajikistan! In Dushanbe it takes the taxi 30 minutes to find the location of the hostel and when we ring the door it is clear why.. It moved to an unknown place. The lady however provides in home-stays and we are happy to take her offer.. At Hyatt Regency we pin enough dollars to survive another 5 days (after that we should be in Kyrgyzstan, that has enough ATMs) And finally at 21.00 we drink our first beer at the Lebanon place
  1. Meet the stans
  2. Dushanbe