Ayni, Tajikistan - Polarsteps

Chilling at lake Iskanderkul. We sleep in, have a late breakfast and read on the shore of the lake, which is freezing cold since its source is melting snow from the mountains. Huub dares to take a dive anyway.. After some more chilling we want to rent a canoe, but unfortunately only a speedboat is available 😉 We eat dinner at the camp fire with some Americans who learn Farsi in Dushanbe (because Afghanistan and Iran are a no-go for them). I also drink some (2 shots) vodka with a Tadzhik friend group who are interested in exporting tulips.. (Or with hand, feet, Russian and English this is what I understand)... At 23.00 we climb up a small hill to watch the bright stars.. Hubert sees his first shooting star ever! (and several after that) Perfect end for a perfect day!
  1. Meet the stans
  2. Ayni