Kokand, Uzbekistan - Polarsteps

Still alive and kicking! We travel from Khujant (Tadjikistan) to Kokand (Uzbekistan) today. The trip goes faster then planned.. especially because the Oezbek border crossing is easy. They're just very interested in our travel books and in Kolonisten van Catan (a card game). But other than that we're good to go. We visit the Khan palace, which is beautiful (but not from the well known Khan). We want to sit outside and eat pizza and drink beer, but apparently we cannot order beer outside, so we sit in the cold air-condition.. After the dinner we want to do smth crazy so we end up at the bowling palace.. Hubert wins, but is king of Spare and only has one strike.. I didn't have a spare nor strike.. but a lot of fun ;)
  1. Meet the stans
  2. Kokand