Arslanbob, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

At nine o'clock we start a new adventure.. Horseback driving in the surrounding area of arslanbob. We have arranged horses and a guide at the CBT. It's Huberts first time on a horse.. And souplesse and flexibility are not his talents.. However after a while he gets a hang of it (and he switched to the slowest horse) and we can leave.. We first go to the small waterfall (still 23 meters), through the walnut forest (largest on earth) and have an awesome pick nick nearby the large waterfall. After some good shashlick (fresh from the campfire) and napping we take the most dangerous path through the small river, but we survive. We walk 30 minutes (and overcome 300 meters in altitude) which Stefanie bearly survives, but the scenery at the top was worth the struggle (so were the scratches from a hard fall downhill). After 7 hours on the hours (ok including some hiking and pick-nick) we are exhausted, and after a very nice (cold) shower and a cold beer we are the happiest people on earth!
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  2. Arslanbob