Karakol, Kyrgyzstan - Polarsteps

We plan to leave after breakfast, but the driver only shows up just before lunch. We enjoy the morning with another game of Tarqi (don't ask who won).. and saying goodbye to everyone three times.. The route back is beautiful (bad weather on the way up, so we see more now!). We take a shared taxi to a city one hour from Kochkor to take the Madroesjka to Karakol. We are a bit indecisive on whether we go straight to Karakol or whether we want to stay one day at lake Issyk-kul, but end up in Karakol anyway. We stay at a lovely hostel (Teskey) which was recommended to us. Finally a normal toilet and warm shower :D although we are actually already adjusted to the whole in the ground toilets.. We eat pizza at café Karakol and call our parents to assure them that we are still alive (apparently it's not done to not give a sign of life at least once a week :P, but in our defense.. the reception is terrible in Kyrgyzstan.)
  1. Meet the stans
  2. Karakol